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Why are women in politics less authoritative on Twitter? Because men (and women) are less likely to retweet and follow them

The New Statesman, 5 December 2017 We all know that men in politics tend to shout more loudly than women, but when a big data analysis showed that there wasn’t a single female voice in the top ten most influential British political journalists on Twitter during the recent general election campaign, the general reaction was […]

Westminster is a steamy workplace where men dominate

The Independent, February 25th 2013 All the ingredients conspire to give the men a sense of entitlement and the women too little power to fight back   It’s a man’s world, Westminster. More than three-quarters of MPs are male. Granted, the secretaries are mostly women, but so rare is the sight of a young blonde […]

Let more women report how the country is run

The Independent, January 16th 2013 The fact that all the national daily papers have male political editors, and many have all-male political teams, is bound to affect the issues they cover and the politicians they rate   On Tuesday evening, a rare gaggle of political women met for drinks in a room in the House […]

Cosmetic surgery is bad. That women feel the need for it is worse

The Independent, January 2nd 2013 The pressure to look attractive can be the worst part of being female A friend went to the wedding of a British man and his Texan girlfriend. She looked across the aisle and saw a whole row of identical-looking women. “I didn’t know Diane had so many sisters,” she said […]

Women still can’t have it all – but perhaps their daughters can

The 20th-century model designed for men with wives at home isn’t suited to the 21st century

Let’s have more fathers holding the baby

We’ll know equality has arrived when we ask a man ‘What will you do after the baby is born?’

Judge women on their ability – not on their age or their looks

They’re patronised when they’re young, and deemed past it at their peak

What women see in the mirror is self-hatred

Women feel depressed because the ‘ideal shape’ is almost as remote from reality as Barbie’s

Giving women power requires action

Queens have been even better at running the country than Kings

Nobody likes quotas, but you have to admit they work

As politics shows, good intentions are all very well but progress is achingly slow

Women on top? You've got to be joking

We have been fed the line that the ‘Future is Female’. But the future always fails to materialise