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Talking ’bout the UK’s generation gap

George Osborne’s latest proposed tax cuts favor the old and punish the young. Politico, 29th October 2015 “People try to put us down,” The Who’s Pete Townshend famously wrote in 1965, talkin’ ’bout his generation. Now aged 70, he’d have no such complaint — even if he weren’t still making millions touring the world. British pensioners […]

I used to think more cuts were the answer. But not any more

The Independent, December 6th 2012 Cut less to achieve more on debt and the deficit   Many people feel torn on big economic questions. The arguments are often complicated, so they look at the politicians on each side and back the ones they trust the most – or distrust the least. It’s comforting to be […]

The more leaks, the better the discussion

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