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I used to think more cuts were the answer. But not any more

The Independent, December 6th 2012 Cut less to achieve more on debt and the deficit   Many people feel torn on big economic questions. The arguments are often complicated, so they look at the politicians on each side and back the ones they trust the most – or distrust the least. It’s comforting to be […]

What happens when even your supporters don’t believe in you?

The problem is that Ed Miliband is too clever for his own good

It’s economics versus politics

The Independent, August 8th 2011 The economics demand as much austerity as can be achieved. But politically that is extremely unpopular Walk through the mahogany halls of the historic Hotel Sacher in Vienna, as I did on Saturday, and you can turn into a little salon whose walls are covered in sepia photos of the […]

How austerity is changing us

We are seeking gratification by finding new ways of saving money