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If I can stick to a New Year resolution, so can anyone

The key is to be kinder than usual to yourself, and to get the stick-carrot ratio right

We’re all Greeks now when the right to park is under threat

How would we feel if we realised we had no democratic power over our economy?

It’s up to parents to resist the tyranny of the pink princesses

I begged my parents for a carpentry set. Would I have dared brave the boys’ floor at Hamleys?

We can’t expect decisions from two parties so much at odds

Bizarrely, the best hope for resolving Coalition differences is a collapse of the eurozone

Lower house prices are just what the country needs

Ministers privately hope that prices will fall, but are terrified of saying so in public

Victims of press intrusion pay, while the perpetrators get away with it

Stolen secrets are junk food for the soul

Giving women power requires action

Queens have been even better at running the country than Kings

Cameron picks a fight when he doesn’t need to

The Prime Minister’s self-inflicted wound

A PM who got his fingers burnt – by standing too far back

Cameron should have known what Fox was up to

They are all Eurosceptics now

The Coalition partners aren’t nearly as far apart on Europe as most people believe

The Prime Minister is no longer in touch with female voters

The Tories now have a real problem with women

The problem at the heart of Labour

Ed Balls doesn’t know how to do humility

Clegg’s chance to fill a central vacancy

The other two parties have made room for the Lib Dems

A generation in love with itself

Narcissists think they are better, richer, more attractive and more intelligent than they are

How far right are we going?

Miliband has painted a more coherent picture of the causes of the riots

It’s economics versus politics

The Independent, August 8th 2011 The economics demand as much austerity as can be achieved. But politically that is extremely unpopular Walk through the mahogany halls of the historic Hotel Sacher in Vienna, as I did on Saturday, and you can turn into a little salon whose walls are covered in sepia photos of the […]

Time to overturn the tyranny of porn

For a woman, it is no longer enough to be successful. You have to look gorgeous too

And the real winners will be…

This scandal – which will run for years – is much better news for Labour and the Lib Dems than it is for the Tories

Power has shifted back to the people

Politicians will be more worried about incurring the wrath of voters than of a discredited Murdoch

Where have all the Europhiles gone?

The arguments for joining the euro have proved bankrupt but virtually none of their proponents has been willing to admit it

We do need to stop the muck-rakers

The editors will protest about free speech. But stories based on privacy intrusion are lazy journalism

Trouble is, David shares Ed’s faults

Things would be only marginally different if the older Miliband were Labour leader

You can’t be all things to all shoppers

John Lewis is not beige but taupe

A ‘war’ we should fight no longer

The momentum is building for a more rational way of dealing with the drug problem