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China has little to fear from Ai Weiwei

The Chinese are far more content than the Egyptians. Yet still the state remains paranoid

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Miliband is neither useless nor excellent. He oscillates unnervingly between the two.

State school is Cameron’s only option

The PM’s Etonian background was his big handicap when he ran for leader

No wonder Clegg looked miserable

There was little for the Lib Dems to cheer in the Budget

What will the fallout be for our own energy policy?

Nuclear power could blow up into something nearly as potent as tuition fees

If he picks his fights well, Clegg can still deliver for his party

The Lib Dem leader can make Tory policies better

Nobody likes quotas, but you have to admit they work

As politics shows, good intentions are all very well but progress is achingly slow

The dawning of Arab democracy

Jordanians don’t want a French revolution; they just want a king who reigns rather than rules

It’s not just the middle being squeezed

Unemployment affects one in ten workers, but rising prices hit all of us

Ed Balls will be a disaster for Labour

Like Gordon Brown, he believes he’s superior to almost everyone

A party that is growing up in public

The students have stomped out but there are millions of grown-ups who may now vote Lib Dem

MPs are getting ready for the fight of their lives

The rest of us have been forced to work harder to keep our jobs; now they will too

Restore sanity in the debate on drugs

Why California should vote tomorrow to legalise cannabis

Not every pensioner needs a bus pass

These days, pensioners are no more likely to be poor than younger people

A sprinkling of decency over politics

Douglas Alexander has found it wonderful to work for someone who wouldn’t allow negative briefing

The perils of giving in to pester power

If ministers reward those who shout loudest, the cacophony will become unbearable

Cameron is far happier than his party

The Tory leader is not a great fan of his party, so he finds coalitions easy and conference tiresome

Miliband's threat to the Coalition

The new Labour leader won’t scare off middle England. It’s those voters he has in his sights.

This Coalition is going to last and last

The only party that would gain from it being wrecked is Labour

Blair has much to teach his successors

His memoirs have many good lessons on how to succeed in both opposition and government.

What deterrence needs is ambiguity

We no longer need the gold-plated Trident nuclear deterrent

The middle-class prize for Labour

Both Milibands believe the interests of the middle class are no longer the same as the filthy rich

Why the coalition needs a Plan B

What if we tip back into recession and are left with savage cuts and a widening deficit?

House prices are finally falling. Good

What the housing boom has done is redistribute wealth to the middle-aged and old from the young.