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Embracing patriotism and identity could reinvent the liberal centre

The Daily Telegraph, 21 March 2017 At the jubilant election-night celebration for the centrist D66 party in The Hague my Dutch wasn’t good enough to understand the party leader’s rousing speech to his activists. But it wasn’t hard to make out words like “Brexit!”, “Trump!” and “populism!” And when I interviewed Alexander Pechtold afterwards for a […]

Talking ’bout the UK’s generation gap

George Osborne’s latest proposed tax cuts favor the old and punish the young. Politico, 29th October 2015 “People try to put us down,” The Who’s Pete Townshend famously wrote in 1965, talkin’ ’bout his generation. Now aged 70, he’d have no such complaint — even if he weren’t still making millions touring the world. British pensioners […]

Westminster is a steamy workplace where men dominate

The Independent, February 25th 2013 All the ingredients conspire to give the men a sense of entitlement and the women too little power to fight back   It’s a man’s world, Westminster. More than three-quarters of MPs are male. Granted, the secretaries are mostly women, but so rare is the sight of a young blonde […]

Let more women report how the country is run

The Independent, January 16th 2013 The fact that all the national daily papers have male political editors, and many have all-male political teams, is bound to affect the issues they cover and the politicians they rate   On Tuesday evening, a rare gaggle of political women met for drinks in a room in the House […]

I used to think more cuts were the answer. But not any more

The Independent, December 6th 2012 Cut less to achieve more on debt and the deficit   Many people feel torn on big economic questions. The arguments are often complicated, so they look at the politicians on each side and back the ones they trust the most – or distrust the least. It’s comforting to be […]

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