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Talking ’bout the UK’s generation gap

George Osborne’s latest proposed tax cuts favor the old and punish the young. Politico, 29th October 2015 “People try to put us down,” The Who’s Pete Townshend famously wrote in 1965, talkin’ ’bout his generation. Now aged 70, he’d have no such complaint — even if he weren’t still making millions touring the world. British pensioners […]

Five lessons from the Tory party conference

This week may have been the Tories’ high point in what promises to be a ghastly next few years ahead Politico, 7th October 2015 The Conservative party gathered in Manchester this week for its annual conference on a high. Activists barely flinched at having to fight their way through crowds of protestors shouting “Tory scum” […]

The best eyebrows in British politics

Denis Healey was a force to be reckoned with in Labour Politico, 5th October 2015 In an era in which British politicians have, with a few exceptions, become bland, formulaic and inauthentic, Denis Healey’s death at 98 is a poignant reminder of how it is possible to be none of the three and still succeed. […]

The Dirty Dozen: 12 people who ruined the NHS

It’s free, it’s cheap to run, and it’s in a right mess Politico, 2nd October 2015 Ask a Briton which national institution they are most proud of and chances are they’ll say the National Health Service. Remember the weird spectacle of patients in pyjamas bouncing up and down on beds during the London 2012 Olympic Games […]