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Lessons from the Labour Party conference

Corbyn puts on an intriguing show, but the party is still gasping for air Politico, 29th September 2015 Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s accidental leader, has lived all his life in a hall of mirrors. He has never talked to people with different views. Even within his own party, he hasn’t mixed with anyone outside the far left. […]

Five takeaways on Corbyn’s leadership victory

Be careful what you wish for Politico, 12th September 2015 Over the past year or so, British politics has detonated bombshell after bombshell, laying waste to pollsters and pundits alike. There was the Scottish National Party landslide north of the border, the extraordinary victory by the U.K. Independence Party at the European elections, and then, […]

The Corbyn dreamers

London’s hipsters may think the Labour politician is ironically retro — but he is simply stuck in the 70s Politico, 4th September 2015 Walk down the shopping streets of Hackney or Dalston and you will find a plethora of hipster shops and cafés. The inspiration is retro: Vintage leather suitcases, Bakelite telephones, tweed jackets and […]